Tuesday, November 3, 2009

There is nothing better........

In my humble opinion, there is nothing better than taking wild game (either animal or fish) from the land or the water to the dining table. I'm a person that enjoys many outdoor activities but my heart belongs to hunting and fishing. Now that I'm living up in Holland, MI, I'm excited about the many outdoor activities that this locale will offer.

This past weekend, I had an awesome opportunity to get out on Lake Michigan with my brother and a friend. The weather was absolutely perfect for November 1st and the fish did not disappoint us. Altogether, we had 8 fish on and were able to boat 4 of the 8. We caught 2 steelhead, a king salmon and a lake trout. The lake trout was out of season so it had to be returned to the water but I was able to keep the steelhead and king salmon as long as I promised to make some smoked salmon. Please enjoy the pics and prepare for a great recipe and way to make smoked salmon!

Here's the lake trout that had to be returned....I'll be back for him when the season opens again. What a beautiful fish and a great fight!

Here's my brother with one of the steelhead that is now being prepared for the smoker!

This last pic is a shameless plug of a picture of the largest walleye I've ever caught. This was actually the very first fish I caught while fishing Devils Lake in North Dakota.

I hope these pics will hold you until my next post, either tonight or tomorrow, on what I believe is the best way to make smoked salmon. It's an excellent recipe and a great way to make a favored treat that is not only delicious fresh but just as good when it's frozen, making this treat an excellent option when you've got some salmon that you're trying to figure how to prepare. Stay tuned for the next post........I promise you won't be disappointed!

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